Hello, I'm Joshua.

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I write code, do math, and run far.

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Understanding Cross-Site Scripting

What web developers need to know.

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Notes from Stanford's CS 253

My notes from Stanford's online web security course taught by Feross Aboukhadijeh.

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Tesselations of the Hyperbolic Plane and the Art of M.C.Escher

Math and Art are not Disjoint Sets.

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Book Notes

Cover of Programming Webassembly with Rust

Programming Webassembly with Rust

Kevin Hoffman | 2019

My Rating: 6/10

Read on: 2022-01-24

Cover of The Elements of Style

The Elements of Style

William Strunk and E. B. White | 1959

My Rating: 8/10

Read on: 2022-01-08

Cover of The Rust Programming Language

The Rust Programming Language

Carol Nichols and Steve Klabnik | 2018

My Rating: 9/10

Read on: 2021-12-12

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